Here I, Kent Van Cleave, commit bloggery for the first time. I’m a multi-degreed philosopher, sometime musician, songwriter, amateur graphic artist (viz my header above), activist for human rights (especially liberty), parodist, punster, humorist of dubious distinction, and future practitioner of whatever I may take up on some tomorrow.

“SuppleMentally” is the title of a news digest column I created as editor of the Mensa Bulletin, the magazine of the well known “high-IQ society.” It remains the only column in the magazine begun since 1985 that continues to run.

That column was intended as a partial solution to the problem, “so much to read … so little time!” You might say it’s a news supplement for supple minds.

This blog won’t be a news digest (though news items will doubtless be discussed here), but it will focus on being mentally supple — exploring new and controversial ideas, trashing bad ones, laughing at the ridiculous, and generally engage in cognitive audacity and/or whimsy that I’m sure many would think should be supervised.

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