Most votes for Obama or Romney won’t matter.

That’s right. Most voters won’t be able to help either Obama or Romney by voting for them.

Unless you’re in a swing state, where the race between the two is too close to call — only 9 of 50 — a vote for either of them will only add unnecessarily to a huge surplus of votes for the winner in your state, or diminish unnecessarily a huge deficit in votes for the loser. Either way, your vote will effectively be canceled out by someone voting the opposite way from yours.

That means you have a chance to use your vote to send a message to the major parties. By voting for a particular third party or independent (or write-in) candidate you can indicate how you want America to be in the future: more like the candidate you vote for would have it rather than how either R or D candidate promises.

So, when you break out of conventional thinking, whether or not you like Obama or Romney, your vote is probably best used on someone else.

~ by supplementally on October 27, 2012.

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