The Aurora phone call

It saddens me that I have reached the point where my distrust of governments and their puppetmasters causes me to suspect them almost automatically when a dramatic tragedy takes place.

I write this now because a news report of the horrible Aurora theater shootings made mention of a man in the front row taking a cell phone call and then heading out the front emergency exit. Some time later a man entered through that exit and commenced shooting people.

My first reaction? That sounds like a script from The Manchurian Candidate. That phone call could have triggered a programmed response.

Of course, such a scenario would make no sense absent a powerful motive for it. But it so happens that a U.N. treaty “authorizing” the seizure of private weapons in member countries is likely to reach our Senate soon for ratification. There is no doubt that what would have been tremendous opposition to the treaty by the public will be seriously diluted by the Aurora tragedy and its aftermath.

Now that I’ve been paying serious attention to such events for some 30 years, I just can’t help it. Apart from that phone call, everything points to insanity as the cause of the shooting. I hate having such thoughts, but there I am.

~ by supplementally on July 22, 2012.

One Response to “The Aurora phone call”

  1. I should have mentioned that the suspect, James Holmes, has clearly shown that he was aware of what he was doing, has no remorse, and is totally misanthropic. He’s not a Manchurian Candidate kind of guy.

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