Primate adulthood

This is a mere conjecture, but I hope an apt one. I think that in general, primates become mature when they know by and large how to feel about the common things in their lives. That plays out for humans in adolescence, which is why that time for young people is so difficult. They are struggling to come to grips with the emotions they need to learn how to apply in their interactions with people and life situations.

Most would probably say that human adulthood has much to do with learning to think effectively, but I think that’s actually in effect a “post-adult” accomplishment — when it happens at all.

~ by supplementally on June 6, 2012.

One Response to “Primate adulthood”

  1. To illustrate, consider the saying in marketing and advertising that customers buy based on their emotions, then think up a rationale to support their decisions.

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