About Metaethical Functionalism

Metaethical Functionalism is the name I gave to my theory of metaethics, the study of how one justifies adopting a particular school of ethics. In my case, I generalized from the evolutionary fact that the global process of Life has the property of “doing what it does in order to keep doing what it does” — that is, reproduction serves future reproduction. Similarly, each individual life involves homeostasis, the process of maintaining the organism’s functions so that life may continue. I call this property in general “reflexive functionality” — i.e., functioning to maintain that very function.

For now, this category in SuppleMentally serves only to point to my rather old “Evolution and Philosophy” website.

~ by supplementally on May 31, 2012.

One Response to “About Metaethical Functionalism”

  1. I forgot to mention that reflexive functionality has what I call “objective, intrinsic value.” That means it has value regardless of any person’s opinion, and that value inheres in the reflexive functionality itself. Its existence is something “at stake” that when lost can’t be replaced in the way a car or a rock can. Another way to say this is that a reflexively functional process isn’t fungible; it can’t be interchanged with another and still have the same value.

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